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Tips for easy dog friendly holidays in Snowdonia

Bringing your dog with you is one of the best things about holidaying in the UK. But it can add stress too - will they travel OK on the journey? Where can I take them out first thing and for bedtime walkies? Will there be nice places to dine out and take our dog too?...

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Guest blogger Mireille’s half term holiday tips!

For Spring half term we asked guest blogger Mireille Lee to share her advice and inspiration. Mireille is 12 years old and comes from Brighton. Thank you Mireille! "As me and my family entered through the Welsh border, hills and mountains loomed into sight. All the...

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Wild garlic camp fire cooking

Right now our tangled woods are full of ramsons, better known as wild garlic.  It's a sign that the woodland you are exploring is very old - and that Spring is here.  Their strong scent signals the ramsons are ripe for picking -  so early May is the time to use it. If...

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My Mountain Challenge

Wiped out with a winter chest infection a year ago, I lay in bed wondering what I would rather be doing for a rapidly approaching milestone birthday. I dreamed of getting out in the fresh air and feeling fit enough to climb mountains. Trekking in the Himalayas has...

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Chintz-free, no frills, all thrills accommodation!

If you enjoy decorating your home with interesting interior design, it can be frustrating trawling through holiday accommodation web sites to see endless bland or old fashioned chintzy rooms. We love quirky design mixing vintage and modern furnishings. So if you’re...

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Join our Instagram Competition 2018!

With such stunning scenery, dramatic weather changes and fun stuff to do on holiday here at Graig Wen, it's easy to take loads of photos to share on social media. Why not follow Graig Wen on Instagram and share your best Graig Wen picture memories? We choose our...

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