Just around the coast from Graig Wen is Llwyngwril, a small village rapidly gaining a big reputation for weird and wonderful woolley creations…

Over the last few summers the villagers have adorned bridges, pavements, gardens, benches and even phone boxes with knitted giants, sheep and all manner of curious creatures and scenes. Everything has been knitted by industrious villagers and enthusisatic visitors to entertain passers by and raise funds for the community centre.

You can pick up a Yarn Bombing trail guide from outside the shop by the bridge watched over by Gwril the giant – you can’t miss him! It’s a fun thing to go and explore anytime as all the pieces are outside on the streets, in woodland, on the railway station and even the beach.

In 2017 the yarn bombers were inspired by Wales’ celebration of our epic past, present and future. Look out for Blodeuwedd – the woman made of flowers from the Welsh Mabinogion stories, some references to Doctor Who’s production base in Cardiff and, of course, dragons!

You can usually catch the yarn-bombing between May and September/October. Next year’s theme is “The Sea” so get knitting if you would like to contribute!

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