Last night we held our first wild food forage, the weather may of been against us but Heath and ……… from Firefox bushcraft welcomed all those that turned up to the dine alfresco with them. We started with a look at what we could fined on our fields leading down to the estuary and then a good forage along the estuary shoreline.  We learnt what was good and not so good to gather, a little bit of folklore, and some of us could teach latin to Romans. Fortyfive minutes later we where able to purrose the menu, which consisted of; A warming herbal tea with Yarrow or Meadow sweet A starter of oak smoked Hallomi (i know you wont find this growing under the bracken) The main course, a herb flan cooked in the dutch oven flavoured with Commom Sorrell, Yarrow and Jews Ear fungus. Samphire with melted butter and a ponassed Mackarel. To finish this all of we had a summer pudding of wild wineberry,strawberry and rasberry with a little added wine berry syrup. We all left feeling satisfied in body and minded, good company, great food and all of it availiable from the Graig Wen aile, just by the estuary. If you are interested in bushcraft skills why not join us when we have our outdoor sleepover on the …………..

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