M C Fresh Fish D J Fresh Fish

Just thought you might be interested to see the Mackerel that Heath caught for our Wild Food feast. Not saying that we are all fish fetishists but just compare this to what you might find in your Tesco, Sainsbury or even Waitrose!  The colours of a freshly caught fish, iridescent greens, purples and silver – quite unlike anything you will find on the “fresh fish” counter. Fish that you buy from the supermarket has normally sat iced on a trawler, travelled by road to market. Gone to be processed and packaged and finally hitting the shelves with a few days of best before date. If you get the chance to fish for yourself you will find that the best before date is always the day you caught your catch. Plenty of opportunities for the experienced and beginner to fish throughout Gwynedd, sea fishing to fresh water – give it a go and you will really taste the difference.

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