When I told my friends that I would be volunteering in Snowdonia for two weeks, the responses I received could be put into two categories. The majority of people were impressed and some even asked to join me for a few days to help out, the other group friends all said something along the lines of “What?! You’re doing work for nothing? Why?” I think it seems obvious if you ask a question like that, volunteering is not for you! Regardless, I set off to Snowdon and stayed at Graig Wen for two week at the start of August. Upon arrival, I was greeted with friendly faces and shown to the spot I would occupy for the next two weeks. At the campsite, I was given plenty of jobs over the two weeks. Quite often, you will find that volunteering is all about lending your skills where you can. With my main skills centering around computers, it was not surprising to find I could help out in the office. I didn’t, however find myself stuck indoors for two weeks. In such a lovely setting, it was nice to find I could lend help doing some ground work, so also had a go at some lawn mowing, weeding and helping campers find their way around the campsite. (initially, I was unable to help many people with this last task, but I soon learnt enough about the place to be the friendly face on the lower fields!!) The things you help out on can stick with the campsite longer than you do, which is the nice bit about volunteering – you get to leave your mark on the place you work and the people you work with. I’ve been back home for about two weeks now and I already miss the place, having being thrust back into the real, fast pace world of work which is seemingly light-years away from the tranquil settings of Graig Wen, where lending a helping hand felt like a holiday in itself! If you have ever considered volunteering and are in two minds about it, I would definitely give it a go, and Team Graig Wen are a great bunch of people to work with. I’d like to thank Sarah and John for being so welcoming and I look forward to returning to the campsite in the future as a guest!

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