As part of our woodland management at Graig Wen we have started an ongoing project of tree planting. We have cleared one corner of a field that has been overrun with bracken; this was then fenced of to prevent the sheep access. The plan is continue to thin out some of the Ash trees that are growing too densly and remove any freshly fallen wood from our existing woodlands. To enable us to work in a sustainable way we are planting new areas that we will coppice in 10 to 15 years time. So yesterday Sarah, Johnny and I planted 20 Ash trees .

I also planted one special tree for my mum, a Bird Cherry . This tree has been planted on the wild bank on our touring site and will be flowering in early May, which was my Mums birthday.

>We also had a large delivery yesterday, 16 boxes of our new leaflet. Sarah has been working very hard with Fiona Bird to redesign the leaflet which now looks fabulous. If you are one of our regular visitors you may find yourself appearing on one of its pages. After tree planting we whizzed down to the estuary field to fill up the leaflet rack. A job that is never a chorE as you never get bored of the leaning on the five bar gate and looking at the view.

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