I promised myself that in 2010 I would take to the water; I like the idea of being able to explore the coast and estuary that we live on. I don’t like the idea of being swept out to sea and ending up somewhere in the Irish channel.

With this in mind I have joined the Barmouth rowing club, have been out a few times over the last month and can honestly say there is something really special about getting out on the water. The craft used are Celtic long boats, four rowers and one Cox.

The experienced rowers make it look really easy; I on the other hand have a lot to learn. To row efficiently you seem to have to remember about ten different things, keep in time with the rest of the rowers and keep going until the Cox says stop.  There is a lot to learn but I am really enjoying it. After rowing on Saturday and Sunday I have blistered hands and aching shoulders, looking forward to the next favourable tide so we can get out again.

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