Yesterday we took ourselves to the Dolgellau sheep dog trials. It was one of those events that sum up why living in this part of Wales is so special. No corporate sponsorship , no branded merchandise just locals and tourists enjoying a skill that has been handed down through generations.

The shepherd and dog where in perfect harmony, man in full control of beast. A whistle to go right, one to turn left and then two sharp blows for the dog to freeze on the spot. Now add to this three of the most uncooperative sheep you can find and all of the shepherd’s skills are called upon to master the sheep through the course. Through three separate gates, and then finally to be penned by the shepherd.

We also got to watch the hand shearing competition, a slightly more relaxed affair than the world championships we had seen at the royal welsh, but the welsh hill farmers made a difficult job look easy. Add to this a nice tea tent with home made cakes and you couldn’t ask for a better afternoon out. Grace and Jasper watched the proceedings with interest but felt there skills at rolling, spinning and sleeping where not to be called upon.

Add to this on our return home, the local steam roller heading at3 mph past the front of the house and then RAF rescues at 11pm on the estuary, a colourful day.

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