Yesterday was one of those days that according to forecasts should have been wet and wild and turned out to be full of sunshine and smiles. Anyhow we decided that a day on the bikes was in order. After cooking breakfasts for guests we hit the road, the plan was to cycle to Machynlleth and be back by 4pm. Some of you super fit roadies might be able to do this in the five hours we had, however we like to look at views, stop of at interesting churches and lie on grass verges eating our lunch. The answer to this is to get the train back. You get the best of both worlds. A fantastic cycle ride with the highlight being the quiet lanes and views of the Happy Valley and one of the best train journeys in the UK. There can’t be many railways where you can see such magnificent views and if your lucky, as we where, an osprey sitting on the nest. Its then a short ride back to Graig Wen. Top Tip – get on the rear two carriages of the train


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