One of our highlights of 2012 was our bike ride through Wales from Holyhead to Cardiff. Despite choosing possibly the wettest week of the wettest summer on record to cycle 300 miles, we loved every minute.

Well, maybe there were a few challenging moments like Sarah’s saddle shearing off, being lost on muddy mountain bike trails above Cardiff on touring bikes, and our web site being hacked en route, but pretty much it was fab.

Cycling through some of the loveliest scenery in Wales included some stiff climbs through Snowdonia, the Cambrian mountains and Brecon Beacons. We are new to long distance biking so it was tough sometimes but exhilarating too. We’ve definitely caught the bug now.

Thanks to the various mates who joined us for different parts of the trip who did a great job of keeping up morale on those long climbs. Also to the support team of random friends and family who helped out with refreshments, repairs, dog and Graig Wen sitting. Most importantly, thanks to everyone who sponsored us. A total of £300 was donated to Zanokhanyo Children’s Safety Home in South Africa. It’s not a huge amount of money but it can make a big difference to a small organisation. The money is enough to pay for one of the children to have clothes and an education for a year. Well worth getting wet for.

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