Graig Wen presents children aged 10 years and under with a special certificate if they climb up Cader Idris

Cader Idris is the beautiful mountain just behind us. It is 892 meters high – not quite as big as Snowdon but a good challenge for a family walk and far less busy. Idris is the name of a Welsh giant and “cadair” is the Welsh word for chair – so Cader Idris is a giant’s throne! Why not walk up and see if you can find him?

The Pony Path to the summit is clear to follow and keen children aged 7 years and upwards should be able to enjoy the walk with their families. It takes about 5 hours to climb to the summit and back down – maybe a little longer with children. Please remember mountain weather conditions change quickly so check the forecast, wear sturdy footwear and clothing and take appropriate supplies. Please ask at reception for more details when you are here.

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