It’s not the most beautiful image, but the picture above shows how much waste was generated at Graig Wen in just one August week last year.  Quite a bit isn’t it?

We work really hard to encourage our guests to reduce their impact on our pristine landscape here in Snowdonia National Park.  We recycle or compost everything from plastic bottles to tea bags in the B and B and what our guests don’t eat, our hens probably do!  We provide recycling and composting facilities for the holiday cottages and camp site, and fortunately our guests are pretty conscientious about using them.

For most of the year, we recycle at least 75% of our waste. But when the site is full during the school holidays it’s a challenge to recycle more waste than goes to refuse and ultimately landfill.

So if you’re holidaying with us please try and do your bit by using our recycling and composting facilities as much as you can. And our hens always appreciate those crusts and limp salad leaves so do pop round to reception with them – it’s great fun for children to feed them leftovers!