Right now our tangled woods are full of ramsons, better known as wild garlic.  It’s a sign that the woodland you are exploring is very old – and that Spring is here.  Their strong scent signals the ramsons are ripe for picking –  so early May is the time to use it. If you are staying with us you are welcome to go and forage for a few handfuls – remember to only pick what you need and never pull up a whole plant.

You can make tasty soups and pesto with wild garlic – but here’s something super simple you could try as a snack around the camp fire:

Camp Fire Garlic Bread

You will need:

A couple of French sticks

Butter or soft cheese – you could try a Welsh cheese called Perl Wen (which translates as “white pearl”)

A good bunch of wild ramson leaves roughly chopped – come and find it!

Silver cooking foil

How to make it:

  • Cut French stick down the centre long ways
  • Mix soft cheese and chopped wild garlic in a bowl
  • Spread soft cheese mixture into centre of French stick
  • Wrap bread in plenty of tinfoil to ensure all is covered
  • Bake in edge embers of campfire for 15 minutes, turning frequently with a stick – take care you don’t burn your fingers!
  • Unwrap to check bread is crispy, peel tinfoil carefully away, cut up and enjoy!


There’s some good advice on identification and more recipes here.

You can explore 45 acres of private wild woods, meadows and streams here at Graig Wen. May is the time to hunt for natural treasures such as primroses, King Cups, Dog Violets, Cherry blossom and Bluebells.  Come and experience your own Welsh Spring Watch – Check availability for B & B, glamping, cottages or camping or call 01341 250482 and we’ll be happy to help.

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